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REAL NATURAL was born during the global pandemic period in 2021. The founder, Matthew, is a food engineer and an MBA entrepreneur in the field of business management consulting for the food industry for over a decade. He realised that anyone around the globe who has experienced this pandemic could have been treated better by a healthier choice of foods in a natural way, besides medicines. He then started to invent some kinds of natural and healthy recipes based on the herbal compendium in 1578, combining them with the Ayurvedic recipes from India. These recipes have been tried and tested continuously until their quality, safety, consistency, sensory profiles, and health benefits are satisfied, optimised and well-balanced before the public can benefit from them. The name "Real Natural" speaks for itself, as the ingredients used must be all natural and genuine, as in no artificial chemicals to be added into the products. His idea is to turn natural recipes into an efficient and effective natural therapy for everyone to enjoy and benefit from on a daily basis.


By having these natural health products, people can not only regulate their internal environments within their bodies constantly, but also enhance and maximise their vitality and wellness at their optimal level. All products from Real Natural are made with natural ingredients and are suitable for anyone, including vegans and vegetarians. They have no added sugar, are diabetic-friendly, and have no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. But most importantly, it's nutritious and delicious, thanks to its well-balanced sensory profiles. Your diet is as precious as time, so don't wait, come and be delighted yourself!

Foods for vegan Australia, plant-based latte Australia, health food store Australia, healthy and organic drinks Australia, organic and superfood latte Australia.


Our mission is to provide natural products with a range of nutrients that support physical and mental wellness, which not only enhance the bodies and minds of our people but also improve their overall wellbeing. By supplying healthy natural products to our communities locally and globally, we aim to help and change the lives of millions of people around the globe with better health and foods for their daily life. With the support of this, we aim to inspire and create more healthy lives with every sip towards a more sustainable future. With our professional expertise, we would like to become an industry body that can encourage people with decision-making within our local and state governments and drive for a better future and opportunities for all individuals and businesses to become more efficient, more profitable, more simple, more accessible, and more sustainable.



At Real Natural, our customers mean the world to us. We therefore strive to work hand in hand with our clients to meet their needs and expectations. We do not believe in one-off business transactions but rather in long-standing business relationships that are mutually beneficial. Hence, we take painstaking steps to maintain our business relations by ensuring our customers get the best products and service on the market. We recognise our success is tied to the success of our valued customers. Despite our size and scale, we pay attention to the small details that matter. When our customers need help, we strive to be surprisingly responsive problem solvers. We provide the best combination of performance, quality, and value to build credible and genuine connections with our communities locally and globally, ensuring customers get more for their money with Real Natural. We work hard to run an efficient business so we can always be competitively priced for our customers.



"Right First Time As Always"

The quality of our products is our source of pride. We mandatorily hold this value at all stages of our production and supply chain. Through teamwork and commitment to our values, we work effortlessly to maintain superior quality by:

  • Sourcing out the best suppliers for our raw materials

  • We provide the highest quality ingredients and packaging for all our products.

  • We implement world-class Total Quality Management practices on our product lines.

  • We produce premium-quality products consistently to meet our customers’ expectations and drive continuous improvement to enhance our food safety system and quality efficiency continually.




Our efficiency is borne out of creativity and innovation. As such, we constantly develop new methods to improve our levels of production while maintaining quality standards. Our research and development (R & D) team has a relentless responsibility for creating authentic, ethnic, quality, and innovative premium-grade food ingredients as well as healthy food product ranges. 

"Designed for the community, the globe, and the people we love!"

We are born to make a positive impact and contribute to a better life for us and future generations sustainably.


"We are here to make lives better!" 

We drive innovation and always welcome great and big ideas. We are willing to learn and love sharing philosophy and knowledge that supports a healthier and more sustainable way of living. We think big and love to push boundaries to drive better quality and opportunities, and we continuously do our best to lead the way to a better world.



Sustainability is at the heart of our approach to achieving our purpose, which is to maximise the use of our resources, knowledge, and expertise to contribute to a healthier future for people and the planet. One of our aims is to fully utilise our experience and knowledge to explore all the possibilities and optimise the full potential power of food to enhance the quality of life for everyone, present and beyond. Our work is driven by our desire to produce more value-added, nutritious, plant-based, natural, and sustainable diets by fully adopting the natural ingredients given by mother nature, in order to protect, renew, and restore natural resources and to help strengthen our communities responsibly. We make sound and long-term business decisions that are focused on the company's short and long-term success so that we can continue to have a positive impact on the world and generate shared, equitable, and long-term prosperity well into the future.

We are proud to be an Australian-owned and run company with a profound commitment to developing premium healthy products and recipes for the global community.

"We should always treat others the same way we would want to be treated ourselves. As a food business, we are taking every single corporate social responsibility and opportunity into our consideration to build a better world with our perpetual commitment to sustainable and healthy living.

This is our mission to encourage and inspire people so that they can uplift their health and vitality by having better quality, healthier, and more nutritious products that taste good as their daily intake."

-Team Real Natural




Our vision is simple. We want to create a positive impact that the global community can benefit from sustainably. When we say Real Natural, it's all about the most potent ingredients on the planet, which are all natural and plant-based. This will surely be a delight to our customers when it comes to the balanced sensory attributes. And when more of our customers feel this way, we will be able to drive brand equity and loyalty as well as increase our brand penetration and volume locally and globally.

Our unique recipes are innovated with designated purposes to provide various health benefits to our customers. We are pleased to be in the position of providing powerful superfoods that strengthen the internal environment of a person's body and, in doing so, optimise a person's overall quality of life.

To enjoy the benefits of Real Natural, use it daily!


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