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Health Benefits Of Matcha

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

There is lots of buzz about this form of matcha, and the matcha we adopted is a product of Japan that is 100% Organic and certified by JAS/OCIA, USDA, and EU-BIO approved.

Over the last couple of years, matcha has grown in popularity worldwide because of its distinct aroma, bright green colour, health benefits, and the fact that it makes for a lovely latte. Matcha is deliciously gorgeous and is part of the green tea family, but it's unique. Unlike traditional forms of green tea where you infuse leaves in water, matcha is the powder made from ground-up tea leaves. Because of this, when you consume matcha, you're getting a higher concentration of the leaves' nutrients, which provides more health benefits for your overall wellbeing.

Below are some of the matcha benefits that might convince you to switch from your daily coffee to maybe a daily matcha tea or latte!

Matcha is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins

Traditional green tea contains two different types of antioxidants called catechins and polyphenols. Catechins and their derivatives are thought to contribute to the beneficial effects ascribed to tea. Tea catechins and polyphenols are effective scavengers of reactive oxygen species in vitro and may also function indirectly as antioxidants through their effects on transcription factors and enzyme activities. Matcha powder contains a megadose of these powerful antioxidants as well as a variety of vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, E, and K, in which these powerful substances can help reduce cell damage and prevent chronic diseases in the long run.

Matcha might boost your skin's glow and give you more energy than other teas

For people who have skin concerns, it is recommended trying matcha instead of coffee for about a week for skin improvement. As matcha contains a sky-high levels of vitamin that can boost your skin to glow again naturally. Thanks to the vitamin C within the matcha, one of its functions is to stimulate collagen production after you ingested. Another vitamin like vitamin B will assist the process by helping to promote healthy skin cell turnover which makes your skin elastic and shine again.

Moreover, matcha powder contains about three times the amount of caffeine as other teas. For example, black tea has about 40–50 mg of caffeine per cup, green tea has about 20–30 mg per cup, and matcha has about 65–75 mg per cup. However, when it compares to traditional coffee, a cup of coffee usually contains 90–100 mg per cup, so matcha is relatively less than that but gives the same energy benefit.

Matcha might help you avoid the jittery feeling and make you significantly more productive

As you may know, matcha contains an amino acid called L-theanine that has been shown to reduce stress. Researchers have found that people drinking a beverage with about 25mg of L-theanine, like green tea, can be extremely effective at reducing stress and also increasing the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain, which can help decrease anxiety, depression, and improve mood. This is significantly helpful to people who are stressed about their work as well as other issues in life. When people drink matcha, they will feel very comfortable in their mouthfeel as well as in their aftertaste, and this kind of smooth alertness is associated with the L-theanine component within matcha. In addition, people who drink matcha will not experience any caffeine crash other than coffee, as it takes several hours for it to get into the bloodstream.

Matcha contains a high level of polyphenol that can protect against infection and oxidation. So, when you drink those potent matcha polyphenols every day, they work to protect your health in many different ways. Moreover, polyphenols like the catechin EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) that act as an energy booster found in matcha are thought to confer anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and metabolic benefits. And, when people drink matcha, they experience a slight increase in attention and processing speed due to the combination of caffeine, EGCG, and L-theanine. So, if you are having a busy day at work, feel free to get a cup of matcha latte or matcha tea. That could be your smart investment to get through the day!

Matcha might help lower the risk of cancer and promote various health options

Scientists have been reviewing green tea as a category for years. They believe that there is a relationship between the powerful antioxidant EGCG and preventing colon cancer cell growth. Through more studies, evidence has shown that green tea could be effective in synergy with anticancer drugs for cancer prevention due to the fact that matcha green tea contains powerful antioxidants, and in particular, the antioxidant EGCG is the magic compound that has the ability to inhibit cancer cell growth by killing malignant cells directly.

Furthermore, this antioxidant, EGCG, has demonstrated another positive impact on health again. Studies have shown that consuming green tea regularly can result in a significant reduction in bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, so it can lower your risk of heart attack and stroke. Also, the polyphenols that are naturally present in matcha may be able to increase bone mineral density by reducing inflammation-causing oxidative stress on the bones, which in turn can lower your risk of developing osteoporosis.


In an era of cutting-edge science, novel disease therapies, and an unending stream of natural and synthetic supplements, the catechin antioxidants, like EGCG, found in matcha tea powder, remain one of our oldest allies in the quest to stay healthy. With thousands of years of history behind green tea generally, and the past 1,000 years of matcha tea cultivation in Japan, we are lucky now to understand some of the "how" behind EGCG health benefits and matcha benefits overall.

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